100 Days of Web Development

Learn web development in 100 days with 80 hours of HD videos!

What & How?

Learn all key concepts of web development in 100 days - with videos, theory and practical projects and exercises!

  • 80h of HD Video Tutorials

    Learn all key concepts, from the ground up and step-by-step with bite-sized video tutorials.

  • > 1,500,000 Students Taught

    Maximilian & Manuel have taught more than 1.5mn paying students.

  • > 10 Projects & Examples

    More than just theory: Apply what you learned on real projects!

Learn Web Development In 100 Days

No joke. This course is designed to teach you all the core concepts in 100 days - with no prior web development knowledge assumed or required!

  1. Day 1

    Get started & learn how the web works.

  2. Day 2

    Create your first own website & explore HTML.

  3. Day 3

    Dive deeper into HTML and learn more about key concepts.

  4. Day 100

    Congratulations - you did it! Learn how you can proceed and dive deeper.

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What You'll Learn

This course is packed with content and covers all key concepts every web developer must know and understand.

You'll follow a clear "storyline", diving into advanced concepts step by step, building up on knowledge covered before.

  • All The Basics

    Build beautiful websites with HTML, CSS & JavaScript

  • Backend Development

    Learn and master NodeJS & Express

  • Databases

    Work with SQL & NoSQL (MongoDB) Databases

  • Advanced Concepts

    CSS quirks & features, asynchronous JavaScript, authentication, payments & more!

  • Modern Web Dev Features

    Learn about CSS Variables, reactive web interfaces & responsive websites.

  • Build Websites & Webservices

    Explore REST APIs, frontend JavaScript frameworks & more!

And so much more ...

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Learn By Building Stuff

Apply what you learned by practicing, exploring examples and building realistic projects!

  • A website showing the daily challenge of the website creator.

    Personal Challenge Website

    The first project you'll build (whilst learning all the key basics): Track & share your personal challenge progress with this site.

  • A website showing various travel destinations.

    Travel Site

    Build a travel destinations website that allows users to browse a variety of possible vacation destinations.

  • A blog website, showing a list of created blog posts.

    A Personal Blog

    Build a personal blog site where you can create and share posts with others. It comes with database access and full admin capabilities.

  • An online shop web site, showing the current cart items of a shop user.

    The Online Shop

    The biggest course project: Build a complete online shop from the ground up (including user signup + login and credit card payments).

And many more! This course contains dozens of small and big examples, demos, practices and projects!

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